This is the biggest mistake sustainable fashion businesses make.

The Fashion Advocate used to be Australia’s largest online store for ethical and sustainable Australian and New Zealand fashion, and even though I've recently rebranded and relaunched as Australia's only sustainability-focussed education platform for the fashion industry, I still see business founders making the same mistakes over and over.

I've watched countless sustainable fashion businesses open with big world changing goals, only to close a few years later, but they shouldn't have. These are incredible, beautiful, inspiring fashion businesses with quality, ethical and sustainable products. But, most businesses reach a point within their first three years where they're forced to consider closing - and it's because they launch with a bang, power through their second year thinking 'this is just what it's like in fashion', but by year three, nothing changes and they can't afford to keep the doors open.

And that's the problem. That's the big mistake. At this point, instead of doing things differently, getting help, finding a mentor and changing their strategy, they close.

They don't utilise the information and help that's available at their fingertips to grow and increase their sales, and survive in the fashion industry.

But that's exactly what The Fashion Advocate exists for. I've created industry-specific online courses for sustainable fashion brands and businesses to help increase their sales and increase their impact, so they can not just survive, but thrive in the fashion industry and change the world.

If you're one of those businesses with their blinkers on and you've forgotten how easy it is to get help and grow, this blog post is for you. I want to share the three easy things you can do right now to increase your sales...

1. Consume my Instagram content.

I share super valuable tips, tricks and strategies on Instagram so check back in with me regularly. Set a reminder and make it a weekly or daily task on your to-do list and catch up on my content so you're not missing out on strategies that could change your entire business. Save the posts that you find useful so you can come back to them and use my strategies for growth, and like the posts you've read so you know where you're up to. Consume my Instagram content, it’s free!

2. Sign up to my newsletter.

share industry insights and insider knowledge through my weekly newsletter so get ahead of your competitors and sign up so you can use the information I share to grow your business. When The Fashion Advocate was an online store, the first five years were a write-off. I was doing everything wrong. Then I worked out an incredible strategy that changed my business (and my life!) and in the second five years of running it, I made over half a million dollars using a sustainable fashion-specific strategy. I share this strategy and valuable business tips with my newsletter subscribers so if you want the good stuff, sign up now. You'll find the sign up section in my footer or there's an annoying pop-up to make it easy!

3. Build your skillset.

Most of us who start and run fashion businesses are creative types, so that means finances aren’t a priority, schedules and strategies aren’t a priority, and we dedicate our time and energy to the fun stuff. Why wouldn’t we? Fashion is fun! Who wants to sit down and write out lists every Monday morning and cross-check figures every second day and manage inventory and SKU numbers... No one. But the thing is, you can’t run a business without a strategy, and I have a really good (and surprisingly fun and easy to follow) strategy that works. I know it works because I’ve worked with hundreds of brands and businesses, and you can read their feedback here. My six-figure sustainable business building strategy is what I teach through my masterclass courses online, so if you're ready to level up, increase your sales, decrease your stress and start running a sustainable fashion business that brings you joy and changes the world - it’s time to invest in one of my courses.

Getting ahead of your competitors and changing the world with your sustainable fashion business is actually easy... Consume my content, read my instagram posts, sign up to my newsletter and do one of my courses. If you follow these simple steps, you'll avoid making the biggest mistake most sustainable fashion businesses make, and you'll be the business that outlives your competitors.

Claire x

The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable fashion business expert marketing mentor

The Fashion Advocate ethical sustainable circular slow fashion business strategy mentor online course marketing how to

I spent my first five years in business stressed and in debt.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or if you're not making enough sales to survive, you're not alone. I've been there.

I was exhausted and I wanted to quit.

Then I worked out a strategy that dramatically changed my business, increased my sales, and saved me time. I want to share it with you!


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