What is PR and is your slow fashion brand ready for it?

If you're considering PR for your ethical, sustainable, circular or slow fashion business, there's a few things to consider first. Before you jump in, you have to work out if you're really ready for PR.

Could you handle 100 orders tomorrow and ship them within a week? Are you confident to talk on TV? Are your relationships with your manufacturers so strong that they could whip up a bunch of orders asap?

There’s a right time and a wrong time to do PR, and it’s what we’re covering inside my Slow Fashion Circle this month, because PR can be a game-changer or a dealbreaker for your slow fashion business. Here's a few things to consider...

You have to understand it before you do it.

Public Relations or PR for short, is all about your public presence. It’s about crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with your brand's values. PR involves building and maintaining relationships with your audience, media outlets, and influencers who share your commitment to sustainability. It's the art of telling your unique story, connecting with your community, and fostering a positive image.

Authenticity is key.

When you’re delving into PR for your slow fashion brand, authenticity should be your guiding principle. Consumers crave transparency and authenticity. Your PR efforts should reflect the genuine commitment your brand has towards ethical practices, transparency in your supply chain, and a genuine passion for positive change. Honesty creates great stories, and authenticity is the key to building lasting connections.

Goals will get you further.

PR isn’t about getting sales, it’s about getting coverage and gaining public trust, which means you have to set realistic goals and identify platforms that align with your brand's ethos. Reach out to journalists, bloggers, and influencers who share your values. Crafting a genuine relationship with the right media can amplify your brand's message, increase visibility, and attract like-minded customers to your brand. Start with a clear goal before you dive in.

So are you really ready for PR?

PR is a lever. If things aren’t great, it’ll make them worse. If things are good, it’ll make them great. If you're committed to authenticity, if your brand story aligns with your values, if your business is already doing well, and if you're eager to connect with the right media outlets, then absolutely! PR can be a powerful tool to amplify your impact, reach a broader audience, and elevate your brand in the ethical fashion space.

If you're still not sure, I can help you. If you want to learn about PR for fashion, work out if you’re ready, learn how to do it or work out if you should hire an agency, come on in!

My Slow Fashion Circle members get monthly access to…

✅ Masterclasses with fashion industry mentors, professionals and experts.

✅ Practical workshops with successful labels and brands.

✅ Q+A office hours support and strategy calls with me.

✅ A topic-focused manual and action plan to turn the month’s learnings into actionable steps to move forward and grow.

✅ A private chat group to ask for advice 24/7, find community support and connect with likeminded slow fashion labels.

The Slow Fashion Circle is a mentoring program and supportive community for ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion brands. We tackle a different topic each month inside the Slow Fashion Circle to build strong foundations and growth strategies across every area of business.

This month, we’re talking all things PR AND MEDIA, so you’ll end the month with all the tools, strategies and action plans you need to navigate PR to grow your slow fashion brand. You’ll also…

✅ Find your tribe and connect with like-minded slow fashion brands.

✅ Grow your business and increase your sales and impact.

✅ Reduce the overwhelm and find clarity to focus on the right tasks you need to grow.

The Slow Fashion Circle is the solution you’ve been looking for. Take what you need and leave what you don’t. Show up live or catch up on the recordings. Dip your toes in a little or dive in head first for the whole lot.

Join the Slow Fashion Circle here or DM me on Instagram with any questions you have. 

Claire x

What is PR and is your slow fashion brand ready for it?

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