What NOT to do when pitching your slow fashion brand to the press and media.

If you're a member of our private TFA community and you tuned into today's masterclass on all things PR and media with Lauren Baxter, the Editor of Australia's Peppermint Magazine, you're probably still buzzing as much as I am.

I am a big believer in the power of community and the impact that meaningful connection can have personally and professionally, so when it all comes together on one of our group strategy calls - it's like the stars align.

Good people, good conversation, practical growth tips and really powerful strategies. That's what our calls are all about, and they're a melting pot of goodness to grow your ethical, sustainable, circular and slow fashion brand.

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Here's what you missed today...

1️⃣ The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when pitching to the media.

2️⃣ The three most powerful things that make up a good pitch email that actually gets opened.

3️⃣ What to do if you’re getting ghosted by the media or how to turn a floppy pitch around to get picked up and get PR.

But don’t be sad if you missed it! There will be future opportunities to learn from the likes of Lauren Baxter and other incredible slow fashion industry professionals but only if you’re a member of our private TFA community.

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What NOT to do when pitching your slow fashion brand to the press and media Top 3 tips to get in the press and media

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