ERIK-YVON and TWOFOLD debut a collaborative collection

ERIK-YVON and TWOFOLD debut a collaborative collection

ERIK-YVON and TWOFOLD have combined art and philosophy to create a new collection entitled ‘GANG-GANG’, a gender-neutral clothing line complimented by 3D printed contemporary jewellery.

A highlight of the 2016 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week program, the collection launches this Friday August 26th with a pop-up shop running for eight days at RMIT in Melbourne. Drawing inspiration from paper folding techniques and Zen calligraphy, Twofold jewellery pieces are locally cast and carry their own understated elegance to compliment Erik’s eclectic fashion pieces, which are influenced by his Mauritian background.

The collaboration is set to please the discerning wearer who values one-off creations. Melbourne based fashion designer ERIK-YVON has created a dynamic combination of colours, prints, shapes and textures to define the core of the collection, using bright and bold themes inspired by artists, diverse cultures and everyday surroundings.

The RMIT pop up space will offer a glimpse into the two designers’ processes, allowing the public to meet the makers and reconnect the dots between designer, producer and wearer.

Head to MSFW for more details or visit the pop up shop at RMIT Building 80 in Melbourne from Friday 26th August to Friday 2nd September 2016 to shop the collection.

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