Bondi Kiss is a locally made lip balm that goes a little bit further

Bondi Kiss is a locally made lip balm that goes a little bit further

Bondi Kiss has redefined an age-old favourite and reinvented a cult classic. We all know the smell, we all know the taste, but Bondi Kiss is the better version of something we all grew up with - pawpaw ointment. 

The Bondi Kiss range is inspired by the golden sands of Bondi (hence the name), and co-founder Scott Bradley knows all too well what impact a sizzling hot Australian summer can have on the skin. His own personal experiences led to the launch of his beauty brand, and now, he advocates for sun protection and wellness through his Bondi Kiss balms.

The protective qualities of SPF and the antioxidant properties of organic papaya are just two of the great ingredients behind the 'world's best lip balm', but it's Bondi Kiss' values that we admire most. We love their holistic approach to beauty, which is why we've partnered with them for The Fashion Advocate's 2019 IDENTITY runway. They'll be popping goodies in our VIP bags, and you'll love them. They're organic, Australian made, and they serve up SPF15+ protection. 

Scott took some time away from the crystal blue waters of Bondi Beach to answer our questions about Sydney's favourite beauty balm... 

Tell us a bit about the birth of Bondi Kiss?
When you grow up through sizzling hot Bondi Beach summers, SPF (the founding ingredient in any sunscreen) quickly becomes your best friend. When an AFL player and good friend of ours, was diagnosed with skin cancer on his lip a few years ago, we noticed that although there were a few paw-paw ointments on the market and plenty of different types of sunscreen, there weren’t any products combining the two. Through a bit of research, we realised we had the capacity and local help to produce a product that uses organic paw-paw, contains Vitamin E, and also provides the protection of SPF. We were always super excited to produce a product locally, but to know that it helps Australians protect their lips without looking like a 90s cricketer, is also a great kick.

What are some of the benefits of paw-paw?
It starts with real, organic papaya fruit. We don’t use any powdered forms. Papaya, in its purest form, is full of vitamins and minerals. This is why it is great to put on any skin irritations, infections, and of course, chapped lips.

You are extremely transparent when it comes to your ingredients. Why is transparency important to you?
We are all consumers on this planet. It’s evident now more than ever that we are all conscious of what we purchase, and the impact it has on our lives and on the environment. Being transparent about who we are, what we stand for, and how our paw-paw lip balm supports those values, is one of the most important aspects for us as a brand. It helps us connect with those who share those same values. At the core of it all, it is the ingredients that go into Bondi Kiss that we’re most proud to share.

What else is Bondi Kiss good for?
We’ve already given away the obvious ones; it heals irritation, infections, and dry lips as a paw-paw based balm. However, there are heaps more due to some of our other key ingredients. We include Vitamin E as it’s a natural soother. Its distinct antioxidant properties repair damaged cells and are proven to nurture and heal them back to full strength. We use coconut oil due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties, and also because its unique natural fatty-acid composition works wonders in the beauty benefit department. So, with the combination of these in Bondi Kiss lip balms, you can use it just about anywhere on your skin, it can even help reduce dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes!

What makes Bondi Kiss different from other traditional paw-paw ointments?
Put simply, it’s the added benefit of SPF15+. In addition to this, we’ve also spent a lot of time developing our three unique flavours. With coconut (vegan), salted caramel (vegan) and Manuka honey to choose from, we hope there’s at least one for everybody! But if not, we have another two flavours currently in development, we can’t give them away just yet though!

Bondi Kiss is Australian owned, operated and made. Why is it important to support local businesses?
There is obviously a lot of competition and consumers are naturally attracted to the products they know and trust. As an Australian business, our priority is about being honest and upfront about what our product is and how it is produced. We’re super proud of the fact that we’ve been able to produce Bondi Kiss in Australia and we simply hope that anyone who gives Bondi Kiss a go, thinks so too!

Support ethical beauty and shop Bondi Kiss' range at and if you're yet to buy your tickets to the 2019 IDENTITY event, you'll want to book this week. Our last runway sold out!

The Fashion Advocate x

Bondi Kiss is a locally made lip balm that goes a little bit further

Bondi Kiss is a locally made lip balm that goes a little bit further

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