Runway Room supports The Fashion Advocate runway two years running

The Fashion Advocate's 2017 runway sold out with two weeks to go, and we're only a few seats away from doing the same in 2019. 

Two years ago, 12 independent Australian labels took over Luna Park with their incredible collections; 304 guests watched in awe of what we had created as a community; and over half a million people followed the action on social media.

Now, it's time to do it all over again, and the 2019 IDENTITY runway is shaping up to be our best event yet. We're bringing 15 labels together from around the country and we're taking over Como House and Gardens. We're making a statement about our fashion identity and our passion for equality. We’re championing ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry, and we’re standing loud and proud as a community of changemakers.

Runway Room is returning too, joining The Fashion Advocate for the second time around to style our runway hair and makeup looks. Runway Room is an innovative business with many arms, contributing to the local economy through employment and more importantly, local manufacturing.

Runway Room has also established a training academy to help launch the careers of budding make-up artists, and founder Alex Fevola is heavily involved with local events, giving back to the community and supporting good causes wherever she can.

Runway Room's Head Makeup Artist, Jessica Oxwell, will be directing our diverse looks on Saturday, March 2nd at IDENTITY, and each of our VIP guests will receive an Australian made Runway Room beauty product in their gift bag too. 

If you’re yet to reserve your tickets, you might want to hustle! We sold out in 2017 and we’re seats away from selling out again. 

The Fashion Advocate x




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