Bee one of a kind asks you to be kind to yourself and at one with nature

'Bee one of a kind' embraces the true nature of handcrafted goodness. In an ever-changing world of fast-paced products, traditional handmade traditions and techniques are slowly being forgotten, but Bee one of a kind's founder, Melissa Mendes, has different plans for the beauty industry.

Channelling her love of all things natural and her deep respect for Mother Nature, Melissa creates small batch products by hand, working in line with her sustainable and zero-waste values. 

We love Melissa's holistic approach to beauty and her passion for natural products, which is why we've partnered with Bee one of a kind to pop eco-friendly goodies in our VIP bags at The Fashion Advocate's 2019 IDENTITY runway. Bee one of a kind is organic, Australian made, produced in small batches, and it comes in recyclable packaging too. 

Melissa took some time away from her busy schedule to talk with us about all things natural beauty...

How did your education in Natural Therapies contribute to the launch of Bee one of a kind?
I have always had a strong creative flair and a keen passion for all things natural and handmade. I completed my studies in Natural Therapies a few years back, and it was just before I fell pregnant with my daughter in 2014. I was determined to live a toxic-free lifestyle as best I could. Thus, I embarked on a venture of formulating and creating my own skincare range.

What did the first year of Bee one of a kind look like?
To be brutally honest, my first year of developing Bee one of a kind was a total shamble! I had all the ideas in the world, but no sense of direction. I wanted to take over the world and I constantly jumped from idea to idea! It took several years to establish what my true goals were, based on my personal values and ethics. I met with a mentor and attended as many small-business workshops as I possibly could, and doing that was truly a game changer. It helped set me on the clear path I have now reached, focusing on simplicity and sustainability.

Why are you so passionate about using natural ingredients?
The main driving force behind my decision to use natural and pure ingredients was being pregnant. I began to understand how critical and precious this time was, and I became completely aware of the substances I used on my skin, because these would inevitably affect my unborn baby. Ingredients sourced from Mother Nature herself have been used for their healing properties for centuries, simply because they work! I grew up in a family that heavily relied on growing and cultivating our own food from the garden and using what we had on hand or hand-making what we could. I can honestly look back now with an appreciation for those lessons learned.

You are passionate about achieving a zero-waste brand. How do you approach sustainability in your packaging and use of ingredients?
I have a strong focus on zero-waste. Our bottles are made from recycled glass materials, and all packaging can be re-filled and re-used. All of our ingredients are locally and ethically sourced in Australia too. 

How would you encourage someone who is unaware of the detrimental health impacts of synthetic ‘hard-to-pronounce’ ingredients, to make the transition to natural ingredients?
My message is simple; our skin is our largest organ, which absorbs approximately 60% of what we put on it, which reaches the bloodstream within 26 seconds! If you had the option, wouldn’t you rather a natural, non-toxic alternative?

Support ethical and sustainable beauty and shop the Bee one of a kind range at and if you're yet to buy your tickets to the 2019 IDENTITY event, you'll want to book this week. Our last runway sold out!

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