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Butt Naked Skinfood bare all in the name of natural and organic beauty

We share a lot of similar values with Butt Naked Skinfood, and it's a brand that delivers real goodness. Cruelty-free, tick. 100% natural, tick. 100% organic, tick. Eco-friendly packaging, tick. 

Melbourne born and bred, Butt Naked has developed a sustainable and ethical skincare range void of the big words and complicated ingredients that are usually found in mainstream products to hide a multitude of toxic chemicals. Butt Naked Skinfood keep things simple and clean, and they pride themselves on 'honest goodness only your kick-arse butt-naked body deserves'.

Their 100% vegan, natural, and organic body care range harnesses ingredients that are known widely known for their health benefits, and each magic mix is lovingly packaged in biodegradable and compostable satchels made from plants, which are produced from wind and renewable energy too. 

This is a skincare brand we truly understand, and they're on a mission to keep bodies glowing, healthy and feeling amazing, while doing their part for the planet. Their holistic approach to beauty is the reason behind our decision to partner with them for The Fashion Advocate's 2019 IDENTITY runway. Butt Naked popped organic, vegan, Australian made and eco-friendly natural goodies in our VIP bags and every guest loved them. 

Director Patrizia Tresca stepped away from her busy beauty life for five minutes to bare all on Butt Naked Skinfood...

What is Butt Naked Skinfood?
We are a small team of diverse and creative individuals with one goal in mind: to try and make the world a nicer place for all living things. We are constantly researching ways to have a greater impact on the environment, our fur-babies, and human beings. Butt Naked is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and we donate 5% of our profits to a Melbourne no-kill animal shelter, the Save-A-Dog Scheme. 

What did the first 12 months of business look like?
The first 12 months of business are always the hardest, and we spent a lot of time researching what we wanted to achieve and stand for as a brand. A lot of time went into developing our launch range and testing the market to see if people reacted in the same way we did about our products. 

Your ingredients are 100% vegan, natural and organic. What challenges did you face in making sure all of your ingredients were preservative and chemical-free?
It takes a lot of time doing research and development to make sure we can create a quality product that ticks all our boxes. Sometimes, we will have a particular scent we want to achieve. We can try every possible avenue, but unfortunately, without using synthetics, some scents cannot be achieved. We have to work around the natural ingredients available to us, to create and design that perfect product for our customers. 

Butt Naked does not test on animals and 5% of every purchase goes towards the Save-A-Dog Scheme. Why is remaining cruelty-free and making this kind of contribution important to you?
We are all huge animal lovers. Animals have always been a huge part of my life personally, and they bring so much joy. We believe in compassion for all living beings, and in this day and age, there are so many alternatives to using animal products or testing on animals. For us, it makes absolutely no sense why animal products would need to be used at all. Our support for the Save-A-Dog Scheme was a no-brainer too; we are in awe of what they do. It is entirely run by volunteers and it's a no-kill shelter. We know and trust that every animal that enters the facility will be nurtured back to good health and find their forever home.

What would you say is one of the hardest things about making the switch from chemical ingredients to 100% natural and organic ingredients?
Butt Naked has always been natural and organic, but on a personal level, it is about changing your mindset. You have to make a conscious effort to check the label before you buy something, or see what alternative options are available. These days, there are so many better alternatives available to everyone. With things like the internet and the growing awareness of the impacts of chemicals, going natural is way better!

Butt Naked is inspired by nature and botanical remedies from different cultures. What are two remedies and ingredients that may surprise us with their benefits?
Two come to mind; nopal and Hemp. Nopal comes from the prickly pear plant and it is a hidden gem. My background is Italian, and when I visited both Italy and Morocco, prickly pear kept popping up everywhere I went in both countries. I became so fascinated with it that I now have a plant in my backyard! The fruit itself is amazing, but the leaves, which are where Nopal comes from, are packed with Vitamin A, C and K. Nopal is great for anti-ageing and stimulating cell turnover too. Hemp is still perceived as a bit of a bad guy but it is amazing for your skin. It is an amazing source of Omega 3 and fatty acids, which help keep your skin smooth, moisturised and healthy. The amino acids in hemp also help with anti-aging and collagen production too. 

Support ethical beauty and shop the Butt Naked Skinfood range at buttnakedbody.com.au and if you missed out on an IDENTITY ticket and some natural goodies this year, get in quick next year to reserve your seat! 

The Fashion Advocate x

Butt Naked natural vegan cruelty free skincare The Fashion Advocate

Butt Naked natural vegan cruelty free skincare The Fashion Advocate

Butt Naked natural vegan cruelty free skincare The Fashion Advocate

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