London’s ‘Style My’ hits Australian shores

London’s ‘Style My’ hits Australian shores

‘Style’ is a complex thing, and it’s not to be confused with ‘fashion’. Coco Chanel had many things to say about it, but one of her most memorable quotes was, “Fashion changes, only style remains the same.”

Like most things Coco Chanel said and did, she was right. But finding one’s own style is easier said than done, and compiling the right fit, the right fabrics and knowing whether a blue-based orange or a red-based orange suits a certain skin tone, is not something most of us are confident with.

Owning your own sense of style or being ‘stylish’ is not about wearing the latest trends, or shopping at the most expensive stores; style is about knowing your body, dressing for your body, and wearing clothes that accentuate and compliment. The work of a fashion stylist is actually very technical, paying close attention to shape, colour, size, texture, fabrication, fit, drape, detail and linear perspective. A good stylist is every bit as scientific as your average pharmacist, and making use of one at least once in your life is an absolute necessity.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take the stylist plunge, now is the time. Thousands of women and men in the UK have been given confidence through clothes and a professional makeover, thanks to fashion stylist duo ‘Style My’, who are now coming to Australia to host a Stylist Masterclass in Melbourne and Brisbane.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, Style My founders, Elin Mai and Tanja Mrnjaus have an extensive knowledge of the fashion business. The concept behind Style My comes from the duo’s desire to connect real people with retailers, to share their understanding of all things shape, size and shade in fashion, and to inspire them to fall in love with shopping again.

Elin Mai was tired of seeing their Style My clients feel unrepresented in retail, and many had lost their confidence to shop for themselves over time. “We want to inspire people and help them find the joy in shopping again. We strongly believe everyone deserves to look good whatever his or her age, shape, budget and lifestyle. Style My is about not what you wear, but how you style it!”

Don’t be frightened by the whole thing – styling is for normal, every day people like you and me, not just A-list celebs and TV stars. Style My have recently launched Styleover on their website as a testament to this, showcasing ‘Styleovers’ with ordinary men and women to showcase just how accessible and easy a new look is (with a little bit of help from Tanja and Elin of course.)

Now, bringing their fashion expertise and stylist skills to Australia, Style My is set to run two Stylist Masterclass workshops in Brisbane and Melbourne. The workshops are aimed at inpiring other stylists with new ways to connect clients to retail, and to introduce the world of styling to anyone who wants to learn more about enhancing their personal look.

Style My Stylist Masterclass Brisbane

Saturday 12th March, 2016

Style My Stylist Masterclass Melbourne
Saturday 5th March, 2016

For styling advice, bookings and tickets to the upcoming Stylist Masterclass events, head to the Style My website here.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle

The Fashion Advocate Melbourne fashion blogger Australian made fashion, beauty and lifestyle

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