You Got This One Roof The Fashion Advocate women in business event

No-fluff, no-nonsense honesty is what every female founder needs when she's starting up solo

I've teamed up with the beautiful crew at One Roof to remind you, YOU GOT THIS!

YOU GOT THIS is an event about getting real, being open and honest, and reminding our fellow females in business that what you’re experiencing – is perfectly ‘normal’. We’re opening a can of worms on the reality of being a #bosslady in charge of an innovative business. 

Sheree Rubinstein will share what it’s really like to run Australia’s first female-founded co-working space for female-led businesses, One Roof, and how she handles the pressure and the workload. 

As a leadership coach and certified facilitator of Brené Brown's work, Rebecca Hopkins will be sharing all things ‘emotion’, opening up about her own experiences being vulnerable in business, coping with guilt, and how to overcome it.

Emma Inteman will share what it’s like to launch a social commerce platform that has three separate user groups all with different value propositions, and what's involved in getting to market, gaining initial traction and how she's slowly building a community with her business, ShopShare.TV.

Kate Williams will weigh in on the importance of wellness and how she finds time to be healthy and mindful herself, amidst her myriad of daily to-do’s running Retreat Yourself Box.

And, I'll be chairing the panel, asking the questions everyone else is too afraid to, and also sharing my own start-up experience as the founder of The Fashion Advocate. 

We’ll talk about growth, money, stress, health, success, happiness, to-do lists, and what we all do to stay sane. We’ll talk about the concept of work/life balance and if it really exists. We’ll share what it’s really like to tackle the to-do lists of seven women as a one-woman band in the beginning, and we’ll inspire our fellow females to navigate growth, change and challenges in business – because we’re all doing it together. 

We’ll share our been-there-done-that tips to help you with your own business journey, and we’ll enjoy a few wines and giggles while mingling together at One Roof.

This is a no-fluff, no-nonsense event to remind you, YOU GOT THIS! Head to Humantix for tickets.

The Fashion Advocate x

You Got This One Roof The Fashion Advocate women in business event

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