Sticks + Stone's commitment to ethical manufacturing and Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is all about awareness. The #whomademyclothes campaign runs from April 23-29 each year, falling on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1138 people in 2013. During Fashion Revolution Week, brands and producers are encouraged to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain, and it’s something we’re more than happy to do at The Fashion Advocate.

The information surrounding ethics can be overwhelming and convoluted, which is why we’ve created The Fashion Advocate Transparency Guide – a series of simple posts to unpack the supply chains of the Australian designers and labels in The Fashion Advocate community. Over Fashion Revolution Week, we'll be sharing the stories behind our labels, and answering questions about manufacturing and ethics, to drive change and push for improvement in the fashion industry.

As a community, we take responsibility for the impact that our industry has on people and the planet. Jacky Stickler is at the forefront of this revolution, and as the Founder and Creative Director of ‘sticks + stone’, she’s passionate about ethics.

Jacky may be the new kid on the block after only launching last year, but she’s employed the experience and help of local manufacturers to ensure quality work. She defines her aesthetic as bold and bright, balanced with everyday staples, and while her colours and prints may change from collection to collection, her ethical and sustainable ideals remain a constant for her brand.

Fashion Revolution Week is all about transparency. Who makes your range?
Our clothes are manufactured in small production houses in Brisbane, Australia. We have worked with the same two since the launch of the label, Kershon and Pacific Clothing, both based in Brisbane.

Why are ethics important to you as a designer?
The rise of ‘fast fashion culture’ has swept the globe and it is a significant contributor to social and environmental issues worldwide. Vulnerable fashion lovers are generally kept in the dark and know very little about a product's origins, how it was produced and the resulting social and environmental impacts. All sticks + stone products are crafted in local Australian production houses by skilled machinists. All who play a role in the design, development and production of our garments, are working in safe, clean and ethical environments where the protection of human rights is paramount. Purchases support the livelihood of these positive production environments and that of talented Australian workers. All sticks + stone items are created with a strong social conscience, so wearers can feel good, knowing that their purchase is also doing good.

Fashion has the power to drive global change. How are you changing the world for the better?
We’re for creating beautiful, ethical clothing that fits perfectly, so fashion lovers look good and feel good, knowing that their choice is making a positive difference. We’re working to inspire the masses to be curious, ask questions and be conscious about the way they consume fashion and other goods.

Support ethical Australian labels and create the kind of world you want to live in by shopping with intent.

The Fashion Advocate x

Sticks + Stone's commitment to ethical manufacturing and Fashion Revolution Week

Sticks + Stone's commitment to ethical manufacturing and Fashion Revolution Week

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