The evolution of sustainable style at the 2018 Rags to Runway showcase

As Melbourne Spring Fashion Week wraps up for another year, we're still wading through hundreds of photos, soaking up the season's latest looks and innovative designs from local game-changers.

The concept of pre-loved fashion may not have made the main stage for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week just yet, but it's the central theme for Kangan Institute's annual Rags to Runway showcase, and they're proud of it.

How and where our clothes are made, and where they'll all end up, is something Kangan Institute's students are passionate about, and every year, despite the trends, they make a statement about ethical manufacturing and sustainability during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

The 2018 Rags to Runway Great Southern Style showcase was the third annual collaboration between Kangan Institute and the Australian Red Cross, and the message behind it rings true now more than ever.

Students were challenged to look at donated and discarded clothing through a different lens and encouraged to find ways to turn old, outdated styles into modern, wearable looks. This year's Rags to Runway showcase was a testament to the power of upcycling, and how, when done right, it can make just as big and bold of a statement as new designer styles.

Celebrating sustainable fashion, models proudly showed off an array of refurbished and refreshed garments donated by the Red Cross, reminding guests of the power of innovation and the possibilities of industry change.

The Kangan Institute Rags to Runway showcase proves every year that through collaboration and the right motivation, sustainability is genuinely possible for the fashion industry.

Rachael Bouley.

The Fashion Advocate x




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