The Fashion Advocate Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival IDENTITY runway 2019

The ethical and sustainable Australian runway that brings fashion to life

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When I stand backstage on March 2nd 2019, meticulously making sure every strap on every shoe is buckled and every single button is in place, it will have been two years since my last runway. I am itching with excitement now, as I write about it.

My 2017 runway sold out. When 12 independent Australian made labels took over Luna Park with their incredible collections, 312 guests watched in awe of what we'd created as a community. Now, it's time to do it all over again; two years is too long for a fashion nut like me.

I wrote my first blog post sitting front row at a runway in Paris, and the experience has shaped my entire career. I still get flutters in my tummy thinking about that moment in time - when I worked out what I wanted to do every day for the rest of my life.

There's something magical about fashion on the runway; it's a culmination of blood, sweat and tears, poured into something tangible, something real, something full of beating life. The way a garment moves, the way textures glimmer in the spotlight, the way the room moves in sync back and forth as models bound up and down... Runways bring fashion to life.

I can't quite explain what it is, but planning a runway, pouring myself into production while each designer pours themselves into their collection - it's a unifying experience for me. I feel part of something so much bigger than ‘just fashion'.

When hundreds of people sit in the same room for the same reason, our differences disappear. We come together to enjoy fashion, to connect, to shape our own fashion futures. Bringing people together for the greater good, is something I love being a part of, and when we work together instead of against each other, we can have an incredible impact. Garment by garment, we can pave the way towards a better fashion future.

In the case of my 2019 runway, we will come together as a community of designers, fashion enthusiasts, creators, makers and industry advocates to witness the Australian fashion IDENTITY. I've been on a journey this year, discovering my Indigenous identity, my personal identity as a feminist, my own fashion identity, my business identity - and it is time to showcase what it all means.

I want you to share in the experience with me. I want you to share in the statement we make as a collective of designers who are working towards positive social and environmental change. I want you to embrace the Australian fashion identity, your own fashion identity, and the identity of The Fashion Advocate, together, standing in the same room as equals.

Learn about our IDENTITY runway and purchase VIP tickets while they last.

The Fashion Advocate x

The Fashion Advocate Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival IDENTITY runway 2019

1 comment

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patil mitesh

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