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Urban Brew coffee is sustainable, Fairtrade and locally made

Urban Brew is my coffee pod go-to brand. They’ve survived nearly a decade in the coffee game, which is a feat for any Australian business, and they’re conscious about their impact. When it comes to pods and packaging, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts.

Urban Brew’s coffee pods are biodegradable and recyclable, and their coffee is ethically sourced from Fairtrade Certified farmers. If you’re new to the Fairtrade conversation and have a few hours to spend down the Googling rabbit hole, it’s something worth delving into.

I start every day with a coffee, so it’s something I want to get right, and that means more than the taste and the strength of it. A 'good coffee' to me is one that packs a punch and delivers on substance, but it's got to be Fairtrade too.

Maintaining a tight supply chain and ticking the stringent Fairtrade checklist is no easy feat, but it’s a responsibly that Urban Brew carry proudly, and they work hard to meet international standards that cover fair labour rights, environmental conditions, social development and economic development regulations.

25 million farmers work in the coffee industry worldwide to supply our morning pick-me-up, but if you’re not drinking Fairtrade, you’re fuelling a volatile and fluctuating market. 80% of the world’s coffee comes from small-hold farmers who heavily rely on good climate conditions to produce good crops, but the risks are high. Small changes in the weather, outbreaks of crop diseases, or pest activity in the plants themselves can mean losing months of crops and thousands of dollars overnight. If there’s a particularly poor season, small-hold farmers end up in a power struggle with big buyers, losing their bargaining control and their ability to negotiate, and they often end up being paid an unfair price for their produce. They take whatever they can get just to survive - but this is neither fair or nor ethical.

Fairtrade Australia New Zealand work directly with big businesses, consumers and campaigners to break this unethical cycle, making trade fair by securing a better deal for farmers and workers. Fairtrade helps to empower disadvantaged farmers by encouraging fairer trading conditions and combating poverty – and it’s something that Urban Brew is proud to be paying forward in every cup.

By alleviating some of the financial risks involved with climate change and coffee crops, Fairtrade provides workers in developing countries with an opportunity to be paid fairly for their coffee, protecting them from damages and loss of income. I get upset about losing a few strawberries to the birds in my backyard, but more than 25 million coffee farmers depend on a good season to survive. Call me a coffee snob, but I only drink Fairtrade coffee because the unethical trade conditions entrenched in the coffee industry are, well, unethical. 

Urban Brew gets it too. They understand the importance of what it really means to be Fairtrade and just how far reaching one bean can be. If you're ready to start your mornings sustainably and ethically, check out the Urban Brew coffee pod range here.

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Urban Brew fair-trade coffee The Fashion Advocate

Urban Brew fair-trade coffee The Fashion Advocate

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