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THE LATEST — Body Positivity

Disposable pads are made with up to 90% plastic and they can take upwards of 400 years to decompose if they ever do at all. Adhesive pads haven't been around long enough to measure their impacts, and all the disposable pads we've tossed away since they were invented in 1970, still exist somewhere in landfill and waterways today.

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Ethical and sustainable fashion is about so much more than living wages and eco-friendly fabrics; it’s about taking responsibility for your impact on those who make your clothes, and those who wear them.

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From bums and boobs to self-care and 'not-so-subtle' insights into womanhood, Claire Cassidy represents real women in her art in a way that the media constantly fails to. She's a strong believer in the female body being viewed as simply that: a body, and not something that necessarily needs to be associated with sexuality.

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