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LORIS is part knitwear label, part one-(wo)man show – where every one-of-a-kind design is knitted by hand from the LORIS living room. Designer Lisa Kerr was taught to knit by her mother, Loris, who had more creative hobbies than she could count. Lisa started out making clothes for her dolls, then later for herself, her friends and her kids. After so many years of sewing and knitting, Lisa wanted to challenge herself by pursuing something a little more experimental.

There is something incredibly special about wearing handmade clothes, and Lisa believes it should be celebrated. LORIS’s goal is to invoke feelings of being loved and taken care of in order to inspire a sense of confidence. By offering made-to-order pieces as well as an ever-changing core range, LORIS has been able to maintain this sense of intimacy and craftsmanship. When you buy from LORIS, you know exactly where your clothing comes from and who put in the hard yards to make it for you - Lisa Kerr. 

Lisa's process always begins with colour. From an ever-growing collection of wool, cotton and other yarns, Lisa picks a colour palette or solid colour. She throws the balls in her favourite basket, and from there not even Lisa knows how a design will turn out. Sitting in front of a crime show with her dog and a cup of tea, Lisa makes decisions about stitches and colour placements as she goes. This means that no two LORIS garments will ever be the same, and Lisa gets to constantly try new things!

+ Australian designed
All garments are designed by LORIS head designer, Lisa Kerr, in her studio in Mount Clear, Victoria, Australia.

+ Australian made
All garments are made by hand in the LORIS studio in Mount Clear, Victoria, Australia.

+ Sustainable and zero-waste
LORIS utilises yarns made from vintage, up-cycled or dead stock sources. LORIS is zero-waste because all odds and ends of yarn are repurposed into another knit or featured in a knit, and with handknitting, there are no pattern offcuts or wasted fabric. LORIS pieces are also made to order, meaning there is no end of season sale items or 'old' stock, and all LORIS collections include pieces that are designed and made to last, season after season and year after year. 

+ Ethical
All LORIS clothing is ethically knitted by hand in the LORIS studio in Australia.

+ Eco-friendly fabrics
All LORIS knits are made from natural, renewable and eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo, wool or silk. 

+ Vegan
All LORIS garments can be made to order in cotton or vegan-friendly fabrics, offering you a vegan alternative to wool for all pieces in the range. 

+ Transparent
You can ask LORIS anything about their supply chain, practices, fabrics and manufacturing processes. 

+ Recycled
A select few pieces from the LORIS range are made with yarns and threads which are hand-threaded from recycled wool and cotton.

LORIS is designed and made in Mount Clear, Victoria, Australia. 

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